3 Reasons Why Water Utilities Choose Flow

Updated: Feb 22

Data is almost becoming like a commodity. But we are still seeing that it is a very untapped potential that is sitting in most of the facilities these days. Most of the challenges facilities face today is data driven challenges. In this blog, we share tips, how-tos and insights. And hopefully help and guide you to get the most value from your information software investments.

Let's look at the water industry.

Hundreds of process indicators are being tracked in the water industry. But that is not the issue today. After all, we live in the information age. Sensors are getting cheaper. The advent of IoT, and more devices are getting put down on the facilities. Especially in the water industry, they do sit with, unfortunately ailing infrastructure. Solutions that are built on proprietary software protocols, and a lot of disparate systems. This needs to connect to all those disparate systems to get true meaningful data information.

There are modern solutions like Flow that can extract reliable information from old and newer technologies. Here are three ways that Flow can help.

1. Combine Data Sources

Flow can integrate with disparate data sources often found in utility plants. (even the human data source). A lot of buzz is going around about the Data Ops foundation that needs be put in place. And Flow can help to build that foundation.

This includes:

- quality sampling,

- physical testing,

- and chemical analysis.

In conjunction with total water treated, to name a few.

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2. Transform Time-series Data

Flow understands your time-series utilities data. And can highlight where you should increase efficiencies and reduce waste. Chemical dosing compliance being one of the most critical.

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3. Self-service solution

With Flow, your utilities engineers can build the reports they have always wanted. Out the box. No scripting. And no coding knowledge required.

With Flow, you can pivot and customise important KPi’s like chlorine and turbidity levels.

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So, how can Flow help your facility? Learn what Flow can do for your water facility. Check out the Flow water demo, or download Flow for free!

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