Flow helps one of the largest coal and heavy mineral companies in South Africa

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  • The main goal was to expand and upgrade the complex to feed a new power station.

  • To convert one of the complex’s processing plants to handle higher grade coal for purposes other than power generation.

  • To optimize the two plants to meet the demand of coal for all the power stations.


  • The main challenge facing the production team was the lack of timely decision making and protracted delays in picking up production glitches which impacted on-the-go decision making.

  • Technical staff battled to pin-point faults.


  • Decision-making is quicker and more effective because of Flow’s ability to collect and collate information from multiple data sources automatically. The system uses industrial data obtained from Historian, SQL Databases, online data stores, IoT, even Excel and text files to present statistical or historic data against real-time production data for easier analytics and decision making.

  • Bottlenecks are quickly identified, and corrective measures are taken to ensure production levels are maintained.

  • Faults can be pin-pointed with precision and technical staff presented with better information to identify actions that are required to attend to the problem.

Other advantages include:

  • Problems can be escalated faster, and don’t have to follow change of supervision every time.

  • Little time is spent briefing about the history of a decision, for instance, bottlenecks can be quickly identified and fixed.

  • Flow’s visual reports have brought about a total culture change in the operational environment. This has led to a more focused communication commitment to targets and more dedicated ownership of responsibilities in the various sections.

  • While previously production figures were released each morning, with Flow so much more can be done, such as the real-time display of trends and indicators of general plant health.

  • Operational actions are also in the open, which helps to make things more transparent and further causes greater operational alertness.


“Implementation of the projects was not easy and nor were the production outputs required going to be easy to achieve. Considering that we had already pushed production to meet the demands of the new power station, we had stretched our existing systems capacity and exposed flaws in our demand-side operations. It became clear that we would need to upgrade our reporting infrastructure to maximize production throughput. With hourly reports, it changes the dynamic as one is forced to optimize the remaining 23 hours of the day.”

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Flow helps one of the largest coal and h
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