Flow Information Platform

"You can only manage what you measure". The Flow Information Platform simplifies the creation and sharing of operational and strategic decision support information across your organization, at all levels in your organization.  With Flow you'll connect to data on-premise or in the cloud, selectively synchronize measures and KPIs, perform calculations and rollups, and then share this information in reports and dashboards via web browsers, email, SMS or the Flow Mobile app.



Collect and collate information from multiple data sources automatically. Flow understands industrial data Historians, SQL Databases, online data stores, IoT, even Excel and text files. Flow embraces manual data entry with configurable input forms. The Flow Information Platform maintains a single version of the truth for your data mining, analytics and decision making. 



Using the powerful Flow Calculation Engine, create calculated KPI measures from the collected and manually entered data. Perform "roll up" calculations, moving window calculations, future dated predictive calculations, etc. Add context to your KPIs by relating them to production events (e.g. batch, shift team, product changeover, etc.). Evaluate your KPIs against targets or limits and flag areas of concern for further analysis.  



The Flow Information Platform prepares information for operational and strategic decision support. Using reports and dashboards, Flow transforms measured data into information that is understood quickly and accurately, allowing frequent and effective decisions to be made. For information on the go, messages, reports and dashboards can be delivered via email, SMS or the Flow Mobile app. BI tools like Tableau add additional analytics where required.

Create and share information across your team within minutes

Flow is a flexible production reporting and operational analysis solution for industry. 

Flow Mobile

Flow Mobile is a free app that extends the Flow Information Platform. You'll receive information, reports and dashboards in the form of messages. Flow Mobile gives you the ability to collaborate with your colleagues in message channels based on departments, organizational structures, or even projects.

Getting Started