Better Operational Decisions Await with Dell Edge Certified Flow Software

We are thrilled to announce that Flow Software has become an official Dell Edge Certified Partner! The certification ensures that Flow's solution is fully compatible and optimized to run on Dell's cutting-edge infrastructure, offering peace of mind to businesses relying on operationally critical systems. With this certification, companies can confidently rely on world-class hardware and superior manufacturing analytics software.

Leveraging Distributed Environments for Enhanced Performance

Flow Software's distributed deployment is a game-changer for businesses aiming for flexible architectures, edge computing, and load balancing. This approach means that the Flow system is not confined to a single point of operation but can be scaled across several machines, from edge of operations to private or public cloud deployments. The architecture's flexibility allows for a variety of deployment strategies, each tailored to meet specific business needs.

Core Components of the Flow Information Platform

The strength of Flow Software lies in its components, each playing a vital role in the seamless execution of tasks:

Data Engine: At the heart of data operations, this engine manages data collection, calculation, and evaluation, aligning with the defined calendars, which are created and maintained in the Flow Config Tool. It also manages data retrieval from Data Sources, data aggregation, calculations, evaluates information against predefined targets, and collects attribute information.

Message Engine: A communication powerhouse that autonomously packages and sends configured messages, interfacing with various notification services (e.g., Teams, Slack, email, SMS, etc.) to dispatch messages to recipients.

Integration Engine: This component extends the functionality of Flow by enabling information sharing with other applications and databases, facilitating a bidirectional data flow on trigger, on schedule, or on change.

Flow Server: It's the face of the Flow solution, presenting HTML dashboards and widgets, and managing data entries through Flow Forms and includes the Flow API, allowing applications to pull data from the Flow Server on demand.

Flow Bootstrap: Installed as a Windows Service, it orchestrates the operational dynamics, including the startup and shutdown procedures across the distributed architecture.

Flow Config: This configuration hub allows the crafting of a Flow System and is the operational core for deploying various components within the system's architecture.

Flow Database: Reliant on MSSQL, the database serves a dual purpose: it is the repository for configurations and the archive for all data processed by the Flow Data Engine.

Flow Software's architecture brings a harmonious blend of sophistication and simplicity to data management, analysis, and notification. It creates a resilient environment that not only safeguards critical data but also ensures its seamless flow across the enterprise ecosystem. With the flexibility to run on Windows, Linux, or within a Docker instance, Flow offers unparalleled deployment versatility. The Dell Edge Certification is not just a milestone for Flow Software; it's a beacon of reliability for the industry, promising a streamlined, secure, and efficient Unified Analytics Framework for any manufacturing operation.


Flow Software's journey to becoming Dell Edge Certified is a testament to its commitment to quality and excellence. As businesses increasingly rely on distributed environments to meet their operational demands, partnerships like this set the bar high, offering a blueprint for reliability and performance.

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