Ace Short Interval Control (SIC) in Manufacturing With Flow Software

Short Interval Control (SIC) refers to a system where production operations are reviewed and adjusted frequently over short time intervals, such as hourly or every shift, to ensure that manufacturing performance aligns with the set targets. This real-time feedback loop allows for immediate corrective actions to be taken, reducing inefficiencies, and improving productivity.

Flow Software’s capacity to connect with and interpret data from a multitude of operational data sources, compute KPIs from the data within these isolated silos, and subsequently disseminate that information via standardized reports, becomes a foundational element for instituting a potent SIC system in manufacturing settings. Here's how:

Seamless Data Collection & Integration

With Flow's ability to connect to a myriad of data sources, from Industrial Historians, SQL databases, and even real time IoT platforms, manufacturers can collate data in real-time from disparate systems. This means getting immediate insights from machinery, workforce, and other operational touchpoints.

Data Cleansing and Validation

An effective SIC system requires data that is accurate and reliable. Flow ensures that data used for decision-making is cleansed and validated. With features that allow users to set rules for handling outliers, data of questionable quality, and values outside expected bands, the system ensures that the real-time data feeding the SIC process is dependable.

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Real-Time Dashboards & Visualization

SIC requires data to be presented in a way that is immediate and comprehensible. Flow's dashboards provide instant insights into performance metrics. For instance, a drop in machine performance or a spike in defect rates can be visually flagged, allowing for quick interventions.

Time-Slicing & Contextual Analysis

By normalizing data into slices or periods, Flow allows manufacturers to compare performance over short intervals – like how the current hour's performance is tracking against the last hour's, or how the current shift is faring compared to the previous shift. This granular view is central to SIC.

Event-Based Monitoring

SIC often relies on events or triggers, like machine stoppages. Flow can monitor these events in real-time, attributing context dynamically. This helps in understanding the reasons for interruptions or deviations and taking timely corrective actions.

Alerts & Notifications

When set performance thresholds are breached, or certain events occur, Flow can send real-time alerts to relevant stakeholders. Whether it's an SMS to a floor manager about a machine downtime or a notification on a team collaboration platform about inventory levels, immediate information dissemination accelerates response times.

Compare Across Facilities with Tailored (Yet Standardized) Calendar Context

One standout feature of Flow is its adeptness in managing calendar contexts across hierarchies. While each site enjoys the autonomy to define its unique operational routines, be it shift schedules or day rhythms, Flow brings in a layer of standardization. Though a "shift" or a "day" might signify different durations or patterns at local levels, Flow ensures that at an enterprise scale, these terms have standardized meanings and allow for comparison. So, when teams from various sites compare one shift to another or one day to the next, there's a uniform frame of reference. This ensures that data is not just understood but is also interpreted cohesively, irrespective of its point of origin.

Continuous Feedback Loop

With Flow's capabilities of immediate data capture, validation, presentation, and alerting, manufacturers can create a continuous feedback loop that functions 24/7. This iterative process ensures that deviations are caught, analyzed, and corrected in the shortest possible time frames and that information is always available.

Centralized Governance with Flow's Template Library

Another dimension where Flow enables SIC is its Template Library, designed to enhance consistency across the enterprise. This centralized repository allows organizations to set and disseminate standardized templates, ensuring uniform data handling, interpretation, and presentation. Moreover, the ability to govern business rules from a singular corporate location ensures that every operational site or department aligns with the overarching strategic objectives and analytical standards of the enterprise. Such centralized governance not only reduces discrepancies in data interpretation but also fortifies the enterprise's commitment to data integrity and unified decision-making.

Integration with Other Systems

For comprehensive SIC, integrating operational insights with other systems like ERP or Asset Management can be beneficial. Flow facilitates this with its robust integration capabilities, ensuring a holistic approach to short interval control. Every data source, calculation output, and added piece of contextualization can be openly shared with other applications and systems, making Flow your gateway to operational information.

Ready to unlock the full potential of Short Interval Control? Dive into the transformative capabilities of Flow Software firsthand. Experience the difference with a free Flow POC demo, which grants you a 90-day license and accommodates up to 100 Measures and 10 Events. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your manufacturing processes – explore the Flow demo today!

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