Skellig and Flow Offering Life Sciences New Possibilities

Austin, TX – At the forefront of advancing analytics and data readiness in the life sciences sector, Skellig Automation and Flow Software have aligned in a strategic partnership. This collaboration sets a fresh benchmark for actionable KPIs and insights in the industry. United in vision, they're dedicated to delivering analytics solutions specifically designed to elevate production and efficiency within both pharmaceutical companies and CDMO operations.

"In the life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors, many facilities have just scratched the surface of the insights their machinery and processes can yield," reflects Jeff Knepper, Managing Partner at Flow Software. "With Flow, life science teams have the key to unlocking the hidden treasures within their data, but the real magic happens when Flow's algorithms and calculation engine are placed in the hands of experts, like those at Skellig Automation. Together, we transform scattered data points into actionable KPIs and insightful analytics, ensuring clarity at the lab floor and influencing strategic decisions that resonate from production to the boardroom."

“Today, in collaboration with Flow, we are setting forth on a new chapter”, states Paul O’Sullivan, Skellig CEO. “The entire Flow team sees immense potential in our lab digitization initiative. Driven by this shared vision, we have chosen to partner together, aiming to amplify the impact of what we can deliver for our clients”.

Skellig's Laboratory Digitization initiative underscores the shift from traditional manual processes to streamlined digital workflows, emphasizing transparency and an open architectural approach. This ensures an impeccable integration of laboratory instruments with multiple digital platforms. Paired with Flow's superior analytic capabilities, Skellig is not only capturing data but converting it into meaningful, actionable insights. By merging laboratory and quality data with operational batch information, they facilitate a real-time analysis, foster inter-departmental collaboration, and ensure informed decision-making. Together, Skellig and Flow are poised to revolutionize the way life science institutions perceive and utilize data - transitioning from mere data collection to deriving actionable insights that drive results.”

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Graeme Welton, Founder and CEO of Flow Software, comments, "The Skellig Automation team are true data visionaries in the realm of life sciences and pharma. My vision for Flow has always been to serve these industries optimally. Our most successful partnerships thrive when we simplify the process for our clients to turn data into meaningful, context-rich information. With Skellig Automation, we believe we've found that synergy."

Amy Williams, Lead Engineer understand the value of this venture. “As a System Engineer at Skellig, I'm thrilled to partner with Flow Software. Their low-code platform excels in connecting to diverse data sources and standardizing them into unified KPI models. This holds significant advantages for both legacy and greenfield projects, particularly when it comes to optimizing batch-driven processes in the life sciences. When combined with our lab digitization initiative, which aims to seamlessly integrate lab equipment into a Unified Namespace System for monitoring and analytics, we're not merely digitizing; we're transforming how pharma and life science organizations utilize their data. The future is 'Industry 4.0,' and together, we're building the roadmap.”

About Flow Software

Flow Software creates analytics software specifically for manufacturing and operations. Their solutions connect to operational databases and real time data servers and make it easy to build the KPIs necessary to optimize a manufacturing plant. Teams use Flow to improve production efficiency, increase quality, trigger maintenance tickets, and monitor utilities and raw material consumption. Flow can track downtime, monitor adherence to production plans, and forecast future values to help operations see what’s on the horizon. Once Flow is connected to a data source, or creates a new KPI, they serve as a hub and share that data with other applications and people across the entire enterprise.

About Skellig Automation

Skellig Automation stands at the cutting edge of life sciences integration, combining deep operational technology expertise with a pioneering spirit for Industry 4.0. Recognizing the investments pharma companies have made in their current systems, Skellig adeptly meets clients where they are, leveraging existing validated systems while seamlessly integrating transformative 4.0 technologies. Their transparent, technology-agnostic approach ensures solutions are both scalable and attuned to client needs. In partnering with Skellig, pharma companies are ushered into a new era of integrated solutions, harmoniously blending legacy systems with future-forward innovations.

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