With Flow you're in Good Company

Flow Software has enjoyed enormous growth over the last few years. This is testament to the value our customers derive from the Flow Information Platform. Many customers have paid back their investment in Flow within the first year, sometimes within the first few months. Many customers have upgraded to larger licenses as they have seen the value and ease with which Flow allows them to collect, calculate and present their KPI information.

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"A few years ago we needed a solution that could deliver operational reporting within our breweries. Our challenge was the need to enable process engineers and other users on site to be able to configure their own reports.


With Flow this problem was solved as the solution is simple and easy to configure. No scripting experience required. Drag, drop and select what you want! It has removed the need for specialist development and has delivered an agile solution. We initially used Flow for energy and water reporting but it has since grown and is being used for multiple KPIs across our breweries."

Stuart Yates

Supply Chain and Technical Africa

"You have built Excel into an automation platform."

Louis Steyn

Exxaro Engineering Manager GMEP

"Flow enables one to react quickly when things start to get out of control."

Henko Venter

Manufacturing Systems Manager

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Food and Beverage

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Materials Handling

Chemical Manufacturing

Mining and Mineral Processing