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Flow Software is at the forefront of redefining partnership dynamics in the analytics and data connectivity arena. By moving beyond the traditional "paper partnership," Flow establishes deeply engaged, mutually beneficial relationships through its Partner Engagement Framework. Designed to align with system integrators sharing their core values and vision, this framework is built on comprehensive guidance and collaborative insights aimed at solving customer problems through advanced analytics.

Flow Software's Core Values

  • Stay Curious
  • Elevate Others
  • Show Some Grit
  • Find Your Joy
  • Own It

These values are more than just words; they are the bedrock of Flow's actions and their engagement with partners. They believe the cornerstone of joint success is shared values. Are you aligned with what they stand for?

The Flow Partner Engagement Framework: Your First Year

The Partner Engagement Process is meticulously designed to ensure the success of new partners by fostering a deep understanding and alignment of values, goals, and operational strategies from the outset. Through a structured series of five steps, it guarantees a solid foundation for mutual growth and sustained success, helping you avoid yet another failed 'paper partnership'.

Step 1: Evaluate for Fit

Objective: To deeply understand each other's operations, values, and vision.

Activities: Interactive sessions with a mix of executive and departmental leadership. Both your team and Flow are able to better understand each other's business, structure, and direction as a company. You are provided demonstrations of the Flow solution and an opportunity to engage in a deeper technical understanding of the solution.

Outcome: Either a joint decision to move towards partnership or not.

Step 2: Planning and Agreement

Objective: To solidify commitment and lay down a collaborative roadmap.

Activities: Together,  a 12-month Engagement Plan is established that targets engineering, business development, and marketing objectives. The Flow Partner Agreement is signed.

Outcome: Both companies are aligned and ready to execute the Engagement Plan.

Step 3: Build the Relationship

Objective: To officially kick off the partnership with celebration and timely onboarding.

Activities: Multi-department onboarding begins. Marketing works on a partnership announcement, business development team learn how to position the solution, and engineering stands up their Flow dev environment.

Outcome: A fully engaged and equipped partnership across all departments.

Step 4: Pilot Project

Objective: To demonstrate Flow's value in real-world applications and certify engineers.

Activities: Award and implement a free Flow Starter license to an existing customer. This project will be used to Core certify your engineering team and build a business use case for your marketing and salesforce.

Outcome: A successful pilot project providing a foundation for future successes.

Step 5: Execute Joint Success Sessions

Objective: To continuously review and adapt our strategies based on the Engagement Plan.

Activities: Regular meetings across departments to assess progress and align on objectives. Each meeting is designed to ensure the Engagement Plan objectives are achieved, and as they are, new targets are set.

Outcome: Ongoing growth, innovation, and achievement of shared goals. Both companies are growing together.

Partner Program Levels

Flow partners start at Registered status, enjoying a 10% discount on software reselling. Through dedicated collaboration and after successfully deploying two Flow systems, partners are elevated to Premier status, benefiting from a 25% discount on Flow perpetual and subscription licenses, as well as annual maintenance contract renewals.

Registered Partner


All partners begin as Registered. The requirements to become a Registered Partner include signing the Flow Partner Agreement, onboarding with the Flow Software team, and promoting Flow Software within the Partner's market.

  • No upfront costs
  • Free Flow Starter license for a pilot with an existing customer
  • 10% discount from retail price on all perpetual and subscription licensed products
  • Free Flow Unlimited license for partner's demo environment
  • Free Flow Core Certification of designated engineers
  • Co-marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Support on initial projects
Premier Partner



Actively working towards Engagement Plan and has successfully implemented two Flow solutions.

  • All Registered Partner benefits
  • 25% discount from retail price on all perpetual and subscription licensed products.
  • 25% discount on both subscription & Maintenance contract renewals
  • Exclusive marketing opportunities with Flow Software
Founder Partner



Reserved for our early adopter Partners that position and implement Flow as a strategic offering. Promotion to Founder Partner status is solely at the discretion of Flow Software.

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Joining the Flow Partner Program isn't just about adding another software to your offerings; it's about starting a journey towards growth, innovation, and shared success. With our unique Partner Engagement Framework, we offer more than a partnership; we provide a transformative pathway to enhance how you serve your customers and grow your data management capabilities.

Together, let's embark on this journey and redefine what it means to be partners in the truest sense.

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