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Partner Program Levels

Registered Partner


  • Apply to join Flow Software's System Integrator program
  • Sell and implement at least one Flow Information Platform
Certified Partner


  • Complete Flow Software's MasterClass (3 engineers)
  • Pass the MasterClass Certification test (3 engineers)
  • Maintain version upgrade tests (3 engineers)
Premier Partner


  • Maintain Certified Level requirements
  • Minimum of US$ 50,000 in Flow sales annually
  • Or, minimum of 3 Success Stories annually
Founder Partner


  • Reserved for our early adopter System Integrators
  • Where Flow is a strategic offering as part of all projects
Distributor Partner


  • Reserved for partners who distribute open architecture industrial software
  • Work through an existing network of regional System Integrators
  • Provide classroom training to regional System Integrators and Customers
  • Provide technical support to regional System Integrators and Customers

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